Most people consolidate loans and credit cards

According to surveys, a typical consolidation loan consolidation applicant is a man with secondary education aged 43 years. For consolidation, he decided to save and not have to watch deadlines. Wouldn’t that suit you?  

What is most often consolidated?

What is most often consolidated?

You can consolidate current loans, installment loans, mortgages, credit cards, overdrafts, or leasing. According to surveys, people most often consolidate:

  • various types of loans (88%)
  • credit card loans (10%)
  • overdrafts (2%).

Why consolidate?

Why consolidate?

1. You save

The more loans you have, the more bank charges you pay. On the other hand, with consolidation you only pay fees once. Plus, you get a better interest rate than individual loans (eg overdrafts or credit cards).

All you have to do is count to one!

Consolidation is no big math, everyone can handle the numbers.

  • You only have one loan .
  • You only pay it once a month .
  • You only pay 1x fees .

2. You won’t have to worry about deadlines

Many people have a problem remembering all the loan repayment terms. You’ll crack this nut with consolidation. You will unite the loans into one and watch only one term . A simple solution to stop using your head with useless numbers!

3. You will sleep peacefully

The monthly repayments of individual loans can climb quite high. But with consolidation you can sleep peacefully! You set the monthly payment to suit you. This ensures that you do not endanger the financial stability of the family.

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Maybe you don’t know about consolidation

Maybe you don

  • The average amount of combined liabilities is CZK 214,000 *
  • Average monthly payment is CZK 4,000 *
  • The average age of a consolidation applicant is 43 years *
  • Most often, men (54%) consolidate with secondary education (43%) *
  • Most people consolidate a maximum of 3 loans (87%), 13% of clients consolidate more than 4 loans. The record is the consolidation of 11 loans. **

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